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                    Thinking about music lessons ?

Young Mozarts Piano Studio offers private, weekly lessons to children and adults. Located in Troy, Illinois, we are serving many communities in the Metro-East including Edwardsville, Troy, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Highland, O'Fallon, Fairview Heights, Granite City and Collinsville.


We offer piano lessons in person in our studio or online .

We offer piano lessons including Theory and Harmonization for students any age.

It is never too late to benefit from piano lessons for ADULTS . Special curriculum for older beginners. Morning hours for adult students. Learn new instrument or improve your piano technique with Mrs. Braun!

Sign up for the lessons  via email at

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piano lessons

Reasons to choose our studio.

Adult piano
piano lessons

 Convenient Location

  o   Troy, IL Studio

 * piano

•Variety of low-pressure performance opportunities (solo or duets)

•Highly-trained instructor

•Lessons tailored for each student’s needs

•Computer software for music theory lessons

•Relaxed and fun learning environment

It Is FUN!!

adult piano1.jpg

Now morning hours available for ADULTS piano lessons. Increase your BRAIN POWER! Think younger! Think faster!


My daughter has been  a member of Young Mozarts piano studio for over a year.  Natalie  is flexible to accommodate the occasional schedule conflict as kids are bound to have with all their activities. Young Mozarts have recitals twice a year, and it's nice to have the performing experience without the stress. . . She teaches students  to play piano melodies with a true level of artistry and emotion.  Most important is the fact that Natalie has instilled a sense of confidence respect and excitement in my daughter.  My daughter really likes her lessons with Natalie .We highly recommend “Young Mozarts” studio to everybody who wants to learn to play piano.

-Renee K.-


Mrs. Braun is a patient and dedicated teacher who strive to bring out the best in her students. She is able to explain even the most complicated musical theory in such a way that it is easy to comprehend.  Natalie made me feel comfortable with my own voice and broke down all my bad habits. She has a way of putting you at ease, but at the same time, she will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. She has a vast knowledge in music and keeps current on the latest teaching tools- CDs and books- which facilitates independent study. Her extensive knowledge in music has provided me with a greater understanding and appreciation of music and voice. Her friendly demeanor makes lessons enjoyable. I can attest from my personal experience that she has the ability to teach students of various ages and musical aptitudes. Most important of all, she is a teacher who listens. It is these qualities in her that motivates me to practice harder and to go all out to achieve my musical aspirations.

-Dennis P.-


My daughter has been  a member of Young Mozarts studio for over 3 years. Natalie’s teaching style is a very personal and open approach to each student, in order to foster individual achievement, motivation and a love for music. I highly recommend her.

-Melissa P.-

Natalie has been very helpful to me, as a student, who is coming back to piano lessons  little later in life.  Lessons with Natalie allowed me to see music in a different way and allowed me to progress rapidly, because it is organized in a logical and effective way, not just  in a mechanical fashion  to play fast correct notes. Her method was effective because the concepts she taught me were always complemented by the theory and the exercises she chose for me. Natalie encourages me to express my feelings and emotions through music.

-Judy C.-

Natalie is a very talented musician. Not often will you find a teacher with such an incredible combination of experience, talent, qualification, and motivation towards the success of every single student she encounters. She plays the piano impeccably with true artistry. You will learn the essentials of music through concise lessons, practice your music reading and writing skills in the exercises, improve your listening skills with the ear-training.

-Joe S.-


My daughter has been taking piano lessons with Natalie for over three years. Natalie is an exceptionally dedicated and inspiring teacher who is also a lot of fun. My daughter has grown as a musician. Natalie’s high standards and commitment to her students brings out the best in them, and allows them to reach their potential. She pays a significant amount of attention to the piano techniques. I am amazed by the attention she pays to details of playing techniques -- hand position, wrist movement, finger position, articulation. Her lessons  are enjoyment and fun for my daughter. We appreciate the feedback and open communication that Natalie provides us as parents.She is accommodating to our schedule.  Her praise and encouragement builds confidence in my daughter.  Natalie seems to genuinely enjoy instructing piano. 

-Gwyn M.-Glen Carbon, IL


Our daughter has been a student of Natalie for over 6 years. Natalie is very patient and versatile, and the lessons are tailor-made based on the personality, attitude, interests and talent of each student  . In addition to a lesson book, she provides every student with a song binder that consists of a mix of classic piano lesson pieces, with some popular fun pieces mixed in. . My daughter really enjoys her lessons at “Young Mozarts” 

-Michael E.-

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