All private lessons are designed to be a well-rounded approach to learning an instrument. 

Our students develop knowledge, skills and artistic sensitivity in performing music.


Understanding that all students have different goals and needs, the lessons are designed to help each student learn in a way that is best for them. We value excitement in music and aim to keep lessons relaxed and enjoyable for everyone involved


Young pianists often suffer from performance anxiety. In group piano lessons, students practice to perform their favorite pieces for each other in a safe, supported environment, thus reducing the cause of anxiety in the future.

During these lessons, we learn strong  musicianship skills through Theory time, music history, singing, games, and writing activities.

Vocal Lessons

  Unfortunately, we do not offer vocal lessons this year. Sorry for the inconvenience.

•Lessons will consist of techniques that help preserve a developing voice and avoid strain.  

•Reading music is valuable for any singer and lessons include music theory and reading music notation. 

•Students also learn the ability to understand rhythmic counting, knowledge of scales and ear training which will help them to stay in tune.

•Fun is an essential part of singing lessons for students of all ages.

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