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Our Studio Environment and COVID

 WE are taking all possible precautions to ensure a safe environment for learning piano, including sanitizing all surfaced and door knobs between lessons.  We  also include simple steps to keep everybody safe and healthy:



Parents are encouraged to stay in the car and avoid accompanying your child to the lessons.


Please sanitize your hands PRIOR coming to the studio. Wash your hands thoroughly on arrival.

The students are being encouraged to sing Happy Birthday twice while we wash our hands. (the little ones under my supervision)       Scrub – Scrub -Scrub!!


The keyboard will be wiped down twice between each lesson with anti-bacterial wipes and second wipe off using alcohol.

   4. FACE MASKS and Social Distance inside the studio.

We will require  for students to wear a mask to protect our students and their teacher. Please keep Social Distance inside the studio.

Some students might feel depressed at not seeing friends. Getting out of the house and involving in intellectual activity like piano lessons can be a highlight of their day!

Happy Music Making!!!

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